Halloween Activities!

Grid image of prechool and toddler Halloween activitiesIt’s important to include toddlers and preschoolers in Halloween activities and celebrations, as a part of their culture and family traditions.  Halloween can be exciting and fun for kids–and everyone in the family!  But sometimes all the sugar, hype, and spookiness can lead to stress and overwhelm.  That’s why I’ve put together this roundup of sugar free, screen free and not at all spooky Halloween activities, to keep things fun and mellow while still celebrating the holiday with your toddler or preschooler!

Science with kids under five?

Pumpkin Volcano Science Activity Cleaning Out PumpkinYou’d better believe it!  Keep it simple and don’t try to over-explain the scientific concepts.  Focus on FUN to instill a love of learning in your kidlets!  Here’s an awesome Baking Soda and Vinegar Halloween activity I used in the classroom with my toddler and preschool kids—and of course, it’s super easy to do at home as well!

Not so Spooky, mom!

Often the images surrounding us at Halloween are spooky—if not downright terrifying. Well, I’ve come up with some adorable felt sets that are way more age appropriate for your toddler or preschooler, while still keeping the fun of Halloween in mind.  Plus, they build all sorts of fine motor, early literacy and math skills to boot!  You can learn more about the Witch set here, Frankie here, and Pumpky right here.  You can also buy them at the links below 🙂

    cute witch dress up felt board   Buy Witchy now!

Cute Frankenstein felt board set Buy Frankie now!

cute Halloween pumpkin felt board setBuy Pumpky Now!

Open Ended Art

Halloween preschool marble paintingOpen-ended art is all about the processes involved as your toddler or preschooler uses the materials. Even so, the resulting product from this Spider Web marble painting Halloween activity is pretty darn cool. (I’ve done this with golf balls in a cake pan in my preschool classroom, too—takes away the choking hazard if you’re doing this with toddlers. )

Book Break

Here’s one of my favorite Halloween Books for toddlers and preschoolers.  A nice soothing activity to do around any busy holiday is to pick out a slew of books from the library, make a warm drink, and snuggle up to read.  Often books focused on a specific holiday aren’t particularly fantastic, but you can find some real winners if you focus on the season instead.   Check out my Pinterest board on fall and Halloween books if you want to take a browse…

Lower Sugar, Please

GoGo Squeez Mummies-3.jpgHalloween is FULL of sugar—and treats are definitely okay in my book (in moderation of course).  But here’s a fun and super easy way to make a healthy snack with a little Halloween fun sprinkled in!

Ready to get your Halloween rolling with a little sugar free fun?  Shop my Halloween section now!