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Cornstarch Goop!

Cornstarch goop.  Some people call it ooblek.  It was a year-round favorite in my classroom, and the perfect activity to throw together when I needed something extremely fun yet (relatively) easy to clean up.  Perfect for a day that unexpectedly kept us cooped up...
Nature Play Dough for Preschool Kids

Nature Inspired Play Dough

Nature Tools With Play Dough You might already know that I love to use play dough with preschool kids.  I love the soft squishiness of it, and its soothing properties.  Especially when it's scented in various ways.  So adding open-ended items from nature for kids to...
preschooler smiling at playdough

Scented Fun For Preschoolers

Spices and extracts can add lots of scented fun to your preschoolers' day!  Adding a scent to normally unscented activities can be both stimulating and soothing for kids.  Certain smells can soothe anxiety or even make kids more attentive.  And these two ideas are...
The Only Play Dough Recipe You’ll Ever Need!
The Only Play Dough Recipe You’ll Ever Need!

Play Dough at home or in a classroom... Soft and squishy, bright and colorful--what's not to love about play dough?  Upon entering my preschool classroom, it was one of the first activities the children were greeted with each day.  And it was one of the most popular...

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