Preschool Math Activities

For preschoolers, time is a tricky subject. And like most things it is best learned through regular old life experiences and play.

Today I’m sharing a simple activity that you can do anywhere and any time.  Use it at home when you need a quick distraction or an extended rainy day activity.  Or use it in the classroom as a small group activity.

This fun game exposes kids to all kinds of skills.  So depending on how you play, you can build gross and fine motor skills, math skills, social emotional skills…  And they’re all bundled up in one fun and easy package!  Plus, with the use of a timer and the language you’ll naturally use as you play, you’re exposing the kids to concepts of math and time like fast, slow, long, short, quick, many, few, etc.

What you need:

1.  Kids

2.  Yourself and a timer (a stop watch or your phone’s app will work great!)

3.  A pencil and paper

3.  Stuff (see ideas below)!

Ask the kids something like “How long do you think it will take to ______?”  or “How long can you ________?”  or “How many _____ can you do in 10 seconds?”

Then, start your timer, and let them have at it!  And as your results come in, write them down on your paper and show the kids.  (This increases their awareness that symbols have meaning, and that writing and reading are important in life!)



So what kinds of activities can you do?  Here’s a short list to get you started:

*Put all the blocks back in the tub

*Find all the soft red toys in the room

*Line up 10 books

*Throw all the balls into the laundry basket

Or things like:

*Stand on one foot

*Jump up and down

*Clap your hands

*String 10 beans onto a pipe cleaner


As you can see, the list of activities you can do with this concept is endless! And so is the fun.  So jot this one down, and save it for a rainy (or sunny) day!

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