Let’s Get Squishy: Frozen Paint Preschool Art Activity

Keep it Simple

I’ve always loved preschool art activities that provide tons of variety and learning value. So here’s a simple way to expose kids to science, art, fine motor, cognitive and sensory experiences all bundled up in one!  


So, from the title you know I’m sharing a frozen paint activity.  And it really is as simple as freezing paint.  You can use tempera paint or liquid water color, for two very different effects.  And with tempera paints, I always loved layering the colors within the container, so new colors would appear as the children painted.

The How

Need some tips on the actual freezing part?  You can really use any small container. Plastic Easter eggs  or tiny condiment bowls would work.  I always found it easiest to use a regular old ice cube tray.  And I also love Ikea’s silicone trays.  Plop in some tempera paint, cover with foil, insert craft sticks, and freeze until solid.  If you want to use water colors, simply fill the ice cube tray with water and add a squirt of liquid water color into each section.  Foil, craft sticks, freeze!

The Why

So, what’s valuable about this activity?  As the children observe and feel the frozen paint getting softer/melting, they become aware of the effects of time and temperature.  And, as the colors mix they learn about cause and effect.  Of course, as they paint their fine motor skills and awareness of space and color develop.  What’s not to love?!  So go get your ice cube trays and paint, and get started!

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