Preschoolers Like Ducks

In my experience, preschool kids dig ducks.  And anytime a preschooler likes something, they’re bound to learn a lot as they play with that thing.  So let’s give them lots of duck stuff to do!  Preschool duck activities galore, right here for your viewing pleasure…

Duck Songs!

Looking for some duck songs to sing with your toddlers or preschoolers?  Check out the two videos below for some classics that your kids are sure to love!

Still need more ducky tunes?  I hear you!  Sadly, there aren’t a ton of different quacky songs readily available. But I’ve got a Pinterest Board with a few duck melodies for you.  And there are several different book versions of Five Little Ducks, so you can mix things up that way.  (I encourage you to get up and waddle with the kids as you sing, by the way!)

Preschool Duck Toys

Okay, ready to play with some duck toys?  Different kinds of kids like different types of toys, so I’ve got a variety of ideas for you. 

For the youngest puzzlers, this duck puzzle is a great option.  As kids play with this and build their fine motor skills, they’re also exposed to other early math concepts like colors and sizes.

Speaking of math skills, these number ducks are great because they encourage number recognition as well as quantity understanding.  Plus, they’re so fun in the water table or bath!  And while you’re thinking bath toys, this little nesting duck family is perfect for water play inside and out.  It builds kids’ fine motor skills as they manipulate the baby ducks to fit onto the mama.  And it reinforces understanding of size and space–yay for math through play!

More math happens with this farm sorting set (ducks included, of course).  Kids can sort by color and by animal type.  Or they can simply play with the animals any way they’d like, making up stories as they go.  This is a great little way to encourage dramatic play, as is this duck puppet.  Storytelling, singing, pretending, and other ducky fun ensues with puppets, so pairing this duck with some other animals is a great idea for any child who loves to pretend.

Duck Books

Now, there’s no shortage of duck books for toddlers and preschoolers.  Rather than list a million of them here, let me just link you to my Pinterest board full of ducky delights!  Click here or on the collage of duck books to be taken right there! 

Can’t stop thinking about those cute ducks from the videos up above?  They can be yours!

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