Five Clean and Muddy Pigs

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Oink!  Thud!  Wait till your kids see these magic pigs go from muddy to clean!

5 Muddy pigs felt board circle time piecesOn the hunt for adorable AND useful sets to add to your felt board collection?

The static images on the pages of a book are usually too small for all the kids in a group to see.  Plus—they’re static (yawn) !  With felt board pieces, you can grab and keep the kids’ attention by moving the characters around the board.  And with smaller groups, you can even ask the children to help place various pieces on the board.

This adorable felt board Piggy song set is designed by a teacher. It's made of carefully cut and boldly colored wool-blend felt that will engage your little kids, and adhere perfectly to your story time felt board. Each clean pig reverses, with a mud splotch on the other side! The set comes with a mud puddle that reverses to a water puddle. The accompanying song lyrics (to the tune of Five Green and Speckled Frogs) explain exactly how to use this set, as does the video you can see below.

Librarians, preschool, and kindergarten teachers alike will welcome this unique addition to their felt set collection, especially as they see how interested and interactive the children become!

This felt board set is accompanied by the lyrics to the related rhyme/song. It includes a list of suggested book titles that can be used at circle time--or to read one-on-one or in small groups.  And bonus—you get the lyrics to a few extra songs or rhymes that go along with the theme of this set!

Flannel Board Fun Felt Board Sets are circle-time-tested and teacher-made and -approved. Each item you order is carefully prepared and packaged to arrive safely and quickly, so you can dig right in and get story time started as soon as possible!

The five cute piggies are around 4 or 5 inches and are clean on one side and muddy on the other.  How fun is that?!

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 in
Bonus Stuff

Get the kids engaged and happy, and you'll be engaged and happy at the same time!

Books & Songs

This set comes with a list of carefully curated book titles to go along with the theme. And to keep the playful learning on a roll, you get the lyrics to a few themed rhymes and songs!

It's Handmade 🙂

Colors may vary from what is shown, but the overall look and feel of the set will remain the same.

Safety Information

My sets comply with all US CPSC requirements! (In other words, they are made of safe materials and have undergone all required safety tests.)

Felt is not considered a choking hazard by the US CPSC, but small pieces mean close adult supervision is required if children under three years old are using this set.

1 review for Five Clean and Muddy Pigs

  1. Lisa

    This is perfect for my farm unit!

    (review from Etsy.com)

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