Christmas Fun Felt Board Set


An adorable multi-use felt board set for tons of Christmas storytime fun!

felt snata, elf and more on desk with lyricsThe extra large adorable pieces in this multi-use felt board Christmas set can be used in lots of ways with the included rhymes and songs.

This completely adorable Christmas themed flannel board set is crafted of bright and durable wool blend felt, and is perfect to use on your flannel board while the children watch and/or participate in the included songs and rhymes. Your wiggly kids will be enthralled! Your story time will go so smoothly!

The large and super cute Christmas felt board pieces come with a laminated cardstock jingle bell, the lyrics to two original Christmas versions of classic preschool songs, and the instructions for a Jingle Bell hide and seek game. (Rhyme and song titles are: The LIghts on the Tree and Santa, Santa, What Do You See?) A list of Christmas picture book titles from various cultures is included, too. You're all set for your Christmas story time!

These pieces are perfect to put up on the board when you're singing other traditional Christmas preschool songs about Santa or Rudolph. They're great for simple Christmas conversation starters as well, and Christmas versions of games like "What's Missing", as well.

The large pieces are each around 5-6 inches tall!

Flannel Board Fun Felt Board Sets are circle-time-tested and teacher-made and -approved. Each item you order is carefully prepared and packaged to arrive safely and quickly, so you can dig right in and get story time started as soon as possible!

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Bonus Stuff

Get the kids engaged and happy, and you'll be engaged and happy at the same time!

Books & Songs

This set comes with a list of carefully curated book titles to go along with the theme. And to keep the playful learning on a roll, you get the lyrics to several related rhymes!

It's Handmade 🙂

Colors may vary from what is shown, but the overall look and feel of the set will remain the same.

Safety Information

My sets comply with all US CPSC requirements! (In other words, they are made of safe materials and have undergone all required safety tests.)

Felt is not considered a choking hazard by the US CPSC, but small pieces mean close adult supervision is required if children under three years old are using this set.


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