Goldilocks Felt Board Story Set


Raining outside?  Long plane ride ahead with your little ones?  At home or on the go, this felt set is a perfect little bit of screen-free fun.


Goldilocks felt board story spread on felt play matThis incredibly adorable Goldilocks and the Three Bears felt board story set set is the perfect little quiet toy for your little story teller, keeping them busy and engaged in open-ended, screen-free, imaginative play (with all sorts of early learning secretly tucked inside). This is a totally adorable, unique and useful gift for young fans of reading, storytelling and pretending.

Actors- and authors-in-the-making aged 3-7+ love using the characters to re-tell the story of Goldilocks--and to make up their very own stories, too! Get ready for imaginations to spark, language and fine motor skills to grow, and fun to be had!

This is a Story Set:  Tell a story, and re-tell it your own way!   Pieces in Story Sets are already assembled, with details like overalls, clothes, etc. attached. These sets can be used to tell and re-tell well known stories like Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs--but children will also make up their own stories, songs and games with the adorable pieces.

You have three adorable options:

Set w/ Play Mat is the whole bundle: All the adorable felt play pieces pictured; printed book suggestions and lyrics to related rhymes and songs; a ~7x9" felt storage envelope to keep everything organized and tucked away; and a durable and portable ~12x18" felt play mat to use at home or on the go! You choose the color of the mat, and I'll pick a fun envelope color!

Set w/ Envelope contains all the adorable felt play pieces pictured; printed book suggestions and lyrics to related rhymes and songs; and a ~7x9" felt storage envelope to keep everything organized and tucked away when play time is over. This is perfect if you already have a felt board, and don't plan to use the set on the go. I'll pick a fun envelope color for you!

Just the Set includes all the adorable felt play pieces and the printed book titles and song lyrics, packaged carefully in a sturdy, zip top bag. No felt envelope and no Travel Mat with this option. Just right if you already have your own felt board and storage system.

Additional information

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Bonus Stuff

Bonus #1: They play while you get. stuff. done. (Drink your coffee while it's hot! Fold the laundry before it wrinkles!)

Bonus #2: You don't have to think! The set comes with a list of teacher suggested picture books, as well as lyrics to related rhymes, songs, and poems! 

Bonus #3: Take it with you! Restaurants. Doctor's offices. Plane trips. Coffee shops. Goodbye, boredom-induced meltdowns!

Books & Songs

This set comes with a list of carefully curated book titles to go along with the theme. And to keep the playful learning on a roll, you get the lyrics to a few themed rhymes and songs!

It's Handmade 🙂

Colors may vary from what is shown, but the overall look and feel of the set will remain the same.

Safety Information

My sets comply with all US CPSC requirements! (In other words, they are made of safe materials and have undergone all required safety tests.)

Felt is not considered a choking hazard by the US CPSC, but small pieces mean close adult supervision is recommended if children under three years old are using this set.


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